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Qbox 20 GNSS Receiver

Qbox 20 GNSS Receiver is a wearable device that supports high-precision positioning, network transmission of positioning information, and is suitable for long-term outdoor operations

Qmini A10 GIS Handheld

Qmini A10 GIS Handheld provides a combination of Beidou high-precision positioning, dual-mode intercom, 4G smartphone, with background multi-network interconnection and other functions. It is small with complete functions and a high level of protection. Besides, it is a new type of rugged centimeter-level precision intelligent terminal product.

Qpad X8 Rugged Tablet

The Qpad X8 Rugged Tablet integrates the high-precision GNSS algorithm to provide users with a consumer-grade smart tablet experience for GIS data collection in various industries.