Survey and Mapping 
Training Course

The survey and mapping are a process which came from traditional methodology, and it took long time duration and consisted with accuracy issues in the past decades. Since the invention of GPS ,GNSS , GIS and Drones technology , the initial aspect covered was the survey and mapping of lands. Nowadays, survey and GIS technology has developed to its ultimate state and many of the construction, environmental, mining, city planning organizations immensely benefited by this survey and mapping technology. In fact, millimeter level accuracy can be obtained with the RTK technology, and it did not exist ever before.

Duration: 4 -5 Days

Survey & Mapping Industries

Land Survey and Mapping
Building Mapping
Mining Survey and Mapping
Construction Project Survey and Mapping

Equipment & Software to be used:GPS ,GNSS , RTK, DRONE , GIS

Survey & Mapping Image Display Software: ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online & QGIS

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